Membership Structure

  • ICSTI offers four classes of membership. Full members pay dues while Associate and Honorary members pay no dues. Full members are subdivided into several categories of dues associated with different voting powers. Associate members and Honorary members have no vote. More information about ICSTI membership and dues categories can be found here.
  • Membership Class Types of Organizations Examples
    Class A Full Members Organizations with principal interests in either (1) the generation or use of new scientific or technical information, or (2) the coordination of activities of type (1) within a geographical area or within a discipline. Includes organizations primarily representing the interests of scientific and technical information users, such as scientific unions, learned societies, and national academies.
    Class B Full Members Organizations with principal activities in the collection, storage, organization, or dissemination of scientific or technical information. Includes abstracting and indexing services, data centers and services, representatives of primary publishers, online vendors, networks, libraries, information centers, and also policy making bodies, sponsors and coordinators of information activities.
    Class C Associate Members Organizations with some interests in common with those of ICSTI. Includes organizations concerned with the transfer of scientific information who wish to keep abreast of, and contribute to the activities and development of ICSTI.
    Class D Honorary Members Persons whose outstanding contribution to the work of ICSTI merits special recognition.

  • Membership applications must be made with an awareness of the purposes and principles of ICSTI as outlined here on our website. Prospective members should contact the ICSTI Secretariat with any questions.