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In an era of unprecedented data growth, international institutions face complex challenges in managing and disseminating scientific and technical information. This annual ICSTI conference explores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on information management within international organizations, focusing on various AI models and their role in enhancing the discovery and analysis of information.

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ICSTI Connections

In this ICSTI Connections session, ICSTI board member Margret Plank will share a brief summary of the results of ICSTI’s 2022 member survey on non-textual materials infrastructures, tools and services. For an overview of the ICSTI members survey on non-textual materials, please see Margret’s presentation to the 24th International Conference on Grey Literature.

Following Margret’s brief summary, we will hear more from several invited ICSTI member organizations. Members will share more about non-textual materials-related challenges and innovations.

This Connections session will be offered at two times to accommodate ICSTI’s global audiences. Different member organizations will be featured at each session.

More information and registration link coming soon!

ICSTI will offer another ICSTI Connections session on the topic of ChatGPT and other language processing models and their impact on scientific and technical information infrastructure, tools, services, and more. A registration link will be provided closer to the meeting date.